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Our export, import company

Export incubator consists of a system of local, regional and international partnerships concerned with supporting the export sector and its related activities, and operating as a business network that accelerates business, and seeks to be the catalyst and the first main engine for the growth of the export sector by creating investment opportunities,

by contributing to improving the investment environment and creating an environment that supports and encourages the ability to have positive and reciprocal relationships by creating effective marketing methods and channels for communicating with the target parties and the relevant authorities.

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Our mission

To be the pioneer in supporting the export industry as a unique entity unlike any other, and to touch with its idea and goals the needs of the target parties.

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Our vission

Contribute to improving the quality of the outputs of the export industry and its related activities.

Our Goals

01 To improve the quality of exports and logistical services and encourage exporters to enter new markets

02 Create a business environment to serve exporters by increasing the competitiveness of exports and accessing markets with promising export opportunities

03 Expanding the base of exporters to include small and medium enterprises and the third sector by transforming society from pastoral to developmental

04 Contributing to the marketing of member products and services and encouraging, activating and increasing the participation of exporters in international forums, events and forums.

05 Developing the export sector, governing procedures, and creating a business environment to serve exporters